The Start I Guess

I have vague memories of assuring everyone when I got to the UK that I would build a website and basically dump all the bits of my life onto it. I have now been living in England for just under two years and I have finally got around to actually doing this.

This web page is really just a place where I can put up some of the photos that I like from my travels but I will occasionally type news updates if there is anything interesting that I have been up to or there is some amusing story from my life. I have added comments underneath the photos, which are usually pretty inane, but I thought it might be nice for people to have some explanation rather then just looking at some random photos. As a final note I have only 10Mb of space to play with which has limited the amount of photos and content I can put up quite dramatically, but I do hope that you enjoy what I have put up.

The last update email I wrote was back in about March 2003 I think and I guess the main reason I haven’t written an update email since then is that life settles down and becomes a routine of working and going out in the weekends like you would wherever you are in the world. As there has been no major news I have just let it slide until now.

In bullet point form the last year looks a little like this…..

  1. I went to Germany for Easter
  2. I went to Denmark
  3. I finished my job at Lloyds TSB
  4. I went to Spain and Monaco
  5. I was unemployed
  6. I went to Croatia and Slovenia
  7. I was unemployed
  8. I went to Cornwall
  9. I was unemployed
  10. I went to Belize
  11. I was unemployed (anyone noticing a theme yet?)
  12. I got a job at a Japanese Bank
  13. The job was living hell – I quit
  14. I was unemployed
  15. I got another job which I seem to be quite enjoying
  16. I moved into a new flat
  17. I went to Hungary
  18. I went to Rome
  19. I went to New Zealand and Fiji
  20. I went to Ireland

And that pretty much sums up the main points of the year. Sadly (for me anyway) I haven’t managed to get around to writing about any of these trips in any detail, however I have typed one email about my time being unemployed. You can find this on the travel emails page or you can just click here.

Finally I would love to hear what people are up to, so if you get the chance drop me an email