Another Step Closer to 30

On September 18th of this year I turned 29 years old. To my surprise this was an untraumatic occasion and so I guess next year may be a little bit of a shock to me.

I had decided that I wanted to stay somewhere in the countryside for the weekend of my birthday (specifically I wanted to rent a little cottage in Cork) so Nicola booked a weekend away in the Cotswold’s so I could see some of the more beautiful English countryside, at first I was a little disappointed but the Cotswold’s are very pretty and we had a nice weekend toddling around all the little old towns, walking up the hills and eating far too much. There are a few photos from this trip hiding somewhere in the photos pages of the website as well.

Outside of my birthday the last three months have been quite quiet I think we were all waiting for summer with baited breath and it never really arrived so as September rolled around we were still waiting for the good weather to go out and do things. On the plus side it did mean I saved quite a bit of money.

The main exception to this quiet patch was the wedding of my brother Dave to his long suffering girlfriend Steph. Luckily for me this wedding took place in the south of France and so the whole family made their way to a chateau an hour north of Bordeaux for a week of celebrations and merriment. The wedding was very nice and everything seemed to go smoothly and all in all it was a very impressive affair.

Now thanks to the kindness of my friends here is a little comparison of me through the years. The photo on the left was taken on my 18th birthday by Craig Brown and the one on the right was taken by Nicola on my 28th. I will let you make your own decisions on how the ten years have aged me…