Eastern Europe

Well it ended up being a bit of a rush before we left london so i never got a chance to type you an email. But we are now a week through our adventure in eastern europe and are now sitting in a strange little hostel in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Greece was pretty cool we pretty much drove around the pelloppeneseseseses (there is a small chance there is a spelling mistake in there) and we covered pretty much everything you could possible see ruin wise, except olympia and monemvassia, lots of memories of all the Kim Tattersal teachings in classics and as we looked at about 10000000000 greek vases I wish I could remember a bit more about what we learned about them.

It was about 30 degrees every day, the landscape was very beautiful and we had a very nice time trekking up and down mountains. I can now say I am definitely tired of staring at pieces of rubble, but on the plus side we now have a plethora of photos of rocks masquerading as temple pillars or market places or well just about anything.

After the pelop… adventure we made it to Athens where things went a little awry. First our flight to Sofia was cancelled so we had to rescheduled and then I experienced the joys of uncooked seafood and the resulting stomach problems. Still we managed to rush around the sites and fly out to here a day early which probably wasnt a bad thing.

It is (orthodox) easter here at the moment (easter sunday to be exact) which is a little odd. We have church bells ringing for hours on end, sermons being broadcast on loudspeakers all over the towns and of course everything is closed which is actually less of an inconvenience then we first thought, apart from when we want to visit churches of course….

Bulgaria itself is a bit of a culture shock as they use cryllic letters so p is r and n seems to be about 15 different letters and it is backwards etc etc, no one seems to speak much english and the look of the place at first was what i would optomistically call soviet bloc, however after a day wandering around we have discovered it is a very pleasant city with lots of nice open squares and we spent a very enjoyable hour sitting in the public gardens just relaxing in the sun (plus me beating nicola at cards!) So all in all I have quite a positive feeling about the city.

In the next few days we are off to Veliko Turnovo, Rila Monastery and Kopravitista before we fly off to the czech republic, it will be all be very rural so i am both excited and a little concerned about how we will get around.