Well I think I last wrote when we were in Slovakia, which is a very long time ago! So apologies for not having written sooner, so I’ll try and limit this to the highlights. We traipsed across the border to Poland, which I loved and the sun made a few appearances which was good. I was amazed at how meticulously the towns have been rebuilt, you walk round with a guide book which at every site, states the year it was built, the year it was demolished and the year it was rebuilt. We were there over student holiday, which is basically where all the students take to the streets in vaguely organised parades partying, whether that’s on trucks or just ambling along the road. We also managed to get to Warsaw during an EU summit of culture or something which meant lots of random road closures.

Back to the UK for a weekend, which was a little hectic to say the least, but managed to see a few famous faces at the Pizza Express Jazz café and get a few more things packed, sorted and closed.

Morocco was wonderful, it was a lot less dramatic than I expected, we didn’t get too hassled and the weather was gorgeous. The only real issue we had was coming back from a day trip in the mountains to a new hotel, a little Riad, was that there was no-one there to let us in. It was quite late and we were down a little alley in a very non touristy part of Marrakesh and were beginning to get very worried. We ended up going somewhere a little busier and calling the agency who we booked through who after a very long ten minutes, managed to track down the housekeeper and told us to get a cab back to a square near the hotel where they would meet us… all a little stressful really. That said, once we got in, the place was superb, we had it all to ourselves and I’d recommend it to anyone!

Back to the UK, which was a little odd and cold after Marrakesh, a long drive to the Lake District where we had no good weather, Beck’s wedding and back to London to fly out. We stayed in the Texas for a couple of days, which helped break up the long journey to NZ. Typically the flight back wasn’t quite as smooth as planned, we got to LA to find our flight had been cancelled but luckily we’d got there early enough to get put on an earlier flight, which gave us approx 10 mins to get to the gate. When we got to NZ our next flight was delayed as the seats weren’t screwed down properly… all in all, I wouldn’t recommend Air NZ although they are meant to be updating all their planes this summer.

So now we’ve been here just under a week and we’re just about over our jet-lag and various colds and stomach bugs picked up along the way. We’ve started looking at houses but haven’t managed to think about updating our cvs yet – I’m blaming it on the fact that we don’t have any work clothes with us and will have to wait till our boxes arrive at the end of June!