First A Word From Our Sponsor

Sadly I have been forced to hijack Nicola’s opening intro to our website as unfortunately she has been chained to a desk at a small fund management firm and has not yet managed to surface to finish her most eloquent introduction to our website. So that leaves it to me to let you all know what Nicola (and myself) have been up to over the last few months.

For those of you that don’t know (and if you are one of those people, wtf are you doing reading this website?) we bought a house and so we now dedicate a large portion of our waking hours if not actually decorating and furnishing this house then worrying about what we are going to do about decorating and furnishing this house.

Nicola has been working, well pretty much every waking moment of her life and not satisfied with only working on week days like some puny half hearted person she has now graduated to working weekends (grats dear). Because of this I have taken a crash course in cooking and housework, the cooking for Dummies book Clarke Carson bought me has come in much use and I seem to be recovering nicely from the scurvy, which I am grateful for, but if anyone knows a decent way to kill lice (or fleas) I would be most appreciative if you would let me know.

Outside of those two activities we seem to spend a fair portion of the rest of our time focussing on our cats, an indication if this is look at the introduction Nicola has managed to write below and it took her only 11 lines before she couldn’t hold off any longer and she had to write another 17 lines about her pride and joy (that is a little unfair as I actually wrote the Cara section). I have spent the last hour tying to find some decent photos of what we have been up to since we have moved into the house and seem to only be able to find photos of the cats in various poses / costumes…

On the more interesting, fun and accordingly the bit I will type least about, side we have also had Angus, Andy Holland and his mate Jen over to visit us which has given us two chances to show them (and Nicola) around some of the north island (You would think would make some excellent latest photos but of course these have managed to end up on a different computer and so are absolutely no use at all as so I am stuck with the cats photos).  We just have to hope that they never bump into each other and discover that we gave them both exactly the same tour!

Anyway I have droned on for long enough, please read Nicola’s introduction below and hopefully my current words will spur her into writing something, or anything, simply so that this front page will be retired.



“Well, we thought it was about time to set up a web site again, given that the last was set up from our broadband account in the UK and technically is no longer up (although it does work we just can’t update it!). This is our own domain (how exciting) for as long as we pay the bills.

Not quite sure what we’re going to use it for, but Robbie has been putting up his pet topic of history – and there’s probably a lot more to come given he’s just enrolled in a couple of uni papers on the topic, while I think I’ll probably just use it for occasional blurb and photos.

So have a look round…….. Hopefully all the menus and buttons are working.

Moving to NZ
Well its all been a bit traumatic but we’re beginning to get settled, I miss home and everything there but am beginning to get used to NZ and its quirks. We bought a cat, Buu, who was taking up a lot of our time and waking us up far too early for our liking, so we did the most logical thing and bought a second cat to keep him company (so he would leave us alone).

I bought Buu as a 30th b’day present for Robbie. He almost shares his birthday, a week apart, with the 28 years age gap and we’re finding out the joys of having a cat. Hes a Black Egyptian Mau, which is quite unusual, who we bought from a breeder round the corner form Robbie’s parents, ( And although we did think we had a pure black cat he actually does have the patterning of the usual EMs. Hes a complete brat and a moody teenager but is also very entertaining and occasionally cute!


Well it’s Caramia officially but I can’t bring myself to title a section that. She is currently a 12 week old burmese kitten ideally to help keep Buu company as we don’t seem to be home much at the moment. Well that was the theory, but Buu seems to have a passionate hatred of the kitten so far and spends his time following her around at a discrete distance growling and hissing at her, scaring himself and running away. We also now seem to have a little dividing line running down the house that either cat is incapable of crossing