Oh Dear

Just after the last update I got a little older (21 for those who are interested) and Nicola kindly bought me the barrel of wine in the picture. I was a little disappointed that it only holds 70,000 bottles of wine but I guess I shouldn’t complain..

As I type this I am flicking through our 2006 wall planner trying to remember what we did I find that we have helpful descriptions like “party” and “Taupo” which does very little to stimulate my memory.

In September we took a 5 day weekend to go skiing, in reality this was probably more of a desperate attempt to justify the season pass that I bought in a moment when I forgot that I had already had a 4 week holiday in Europe and my leave wasn’t sitting at minus 2 weeks. It was a nice break and Nicola picked skiing up again very fast though I may have pushed her to try steep things a little too fast as the only comment I can find from Nicola on this trip is “A bit of skiing, where I told Robbie I hated him as he forced me to go down scary steep, icy slopes”. Ah good times.

At the end of September Nicola went to the world of wearable arts which is an annual show where you see lots of clothes you’d never dream of wearing but are quite stunning in their construction. We have also been to a few other shows like
The Beat Girls – This is four girls singing girlie songs through the ages, however as one of the few guys under 50 in the audience of about 100 I got picked on and was the butt of a particularly hilarious repeating joke to the glee of our group.
Elton John – We bought tickets about a month in advance for this outdoor stadium concert. Each day for the next month it rained and blew a gale and we became more and more certain that the concert would be yet another stormy day and Elton, true to reputation, would through a huge tantrum and storm of stage. On the day to our amazement the sun came out and the wind dropped and it was a lovely night.

We rounded the year off with me getting a new job, passing my classics exam and having Nicola’s grandparents stay with us. I will let Nicola describe the Christmas / new year period….

Xmas we spent in Taupo on the lake with Robbie’s mum’s family, we even managed to eat outdoors, an odd experience for me but very nice… we didn’t quite make it into the lake, we’re not that foolish (Robbie will like that I’ve used that word) but we did manage what has become a usual round of mini golf, which we try to in most places we visit these days.

Xmas started the first of 5 weekends away in 7, the following weekend we went up to Waikanae and celebrated it with Robbie’s brother his wife, her sister and some friends. Four girls, four guys, four brits, four kiwis… we played Little Britain on DVD, pool, cricket, buzz, sang to singstar, ate a Xmas dinner (thank you for the pudding nanna, unfortunately my attempt at brandy butter was awful) and drank lots. Good fun was had by all! I’m a bit reluctant to add it was all a bit boys / girls, with the girls in the kitchen and the boys playing games…. I felt a bit in the way as the kitchen was a little full…. but think I’ll leave it at that.

We then went up to Auckland, where we stayed with a friend, who chauffeured us around and showed us the sights and where we saw Varekai. It was nice to see the other city and I’m glad we live where we do, Auckland is more like a city and although it has the appeal of the harbour, I’ve grown to Wellington’s charms!