Summer’s still here

Well its been a busy few weeks and time’s flying by – I’m still not working but with summer lasting this long I’ve no regrets. I keep saying I’m going to an exhibition at the museum but I can’t bring myself to go inside while the weather stays so good.

We’ve just spent a wonderful Easter weekend in Taupo. Although the mornings could be a bit hazy, by lunchtime each day it was a beautiful calm sunny sky. Robbie and I made the most of our time, kayaking down to and up the river, till we ran aground. Another day we managed a 10km kayak across the lake… Robbie made out that it was only 2km each way and a similar distance to the kayak the day before – I’ll never believe him again! We also went out on the boat with Robbie’s parents for a picnic on the other side of the lake, ate on the deck, enjoyed a few rounds of cards as well as making it out for a 6km walk around Rotopounamu. It was all very relaxing and a shame we had to come home. (But, of course, always nice to come home to our cats).

Other than that, we held what is becoming an annual quiz night. 3 teams did reasonably well on our quiz, if you want to see how you’d fare try this link. We spent a lazy day watching the second test between England and NZ at the Basin Reserve – although I got a little bored, it was wonderful to sit in the sunshine and when the cricket got dull, it’s a great ground to people watch. Also we went to a couple more shows at the Arts Festival, Absolute Arabian Nights and Traces, the latter was absolutely fantastic.

Other than that, my days are spent reading, pottering around the house and very occasionally giving a cursory glance at the job pages. My mosaic is going slowly, I’m up to the tricky bit of cutting pieces to fill in the gaps, typically the design I chose means that there’s quite a way to go. I’m sure I’ll get there.

Back at Home

Oops, so we’ve been slack. Amazing, away from home for a month we managed to update this site three times, since we’ve been back for a month, none. And I’ve got no excuse being at home all day! So what have I been doing, mainly sorting out photos, writing a diary of our trip and trying to avoid thinking about finding work. But the photos and CV are now done, we will hopefully put some of the photos online sooner or later. I’ve even managed some chores around the house and restarted work on my mosaic for the bathroom, which has been hidden away for over six months.

Being away for so long was really good, xmas was fun and we managed to catch up with friends and actually relax, rather than just catch up with what’s been going on. Although its been much more difficult settling back into Wellington life, especially as I’m not working. Hong Kong on the way back was nice but unusually cold and wet. Our bags didn’t make it on our flight – the good news was we both had spare pairs of underwear, and we didn’t have to carry the bags to the hotel and back, the bad news was no change of clothes! Thankfully it was only one night.

Back in Wellington, we missed a wonderfully warm January, but the weather has still been good, and I’ve been relaxing at home and able to enjoy it. That said, as I am typing, I can hear the rain pour down on our skylights. We’ve been enjoying being back in our house, with our annoyingly manic, but very cute cats. Caramia comes to see me each morning after Robbie’s left for work, it is really very sweet!

As usual, our plum tree has had more fruit than we knew what to do with, and the ground is now covered with fermenting plums. The smell so strong, that as you walk up the street you can smell it from 30 meters away. The green beans and figs have also been productive, although I think the birds got more figs than we did. A couple more weeks and we’ll have all the apples we can eat, but the rosehips I have no idea what to do with and who knows if we’ll get feijoas. Its nice to have a useful garden, and I’ve now got a little herb garden as well. I just hope the good weather and me forgetting to water them, hasn’t killed them!

All the food while we were gave us the impetus to start trying to be healthier. So both Robbie and I have cut back on the junk we eat and started exercising more. The exercise DVD mum got my for xmas is getting a good workout. Hopefully it’ll last.

Wellington is currently in the midst of an International Arts Festival. All the city’s theatres and arenas, as well as several temporary tents are packed with some of the best, drama, music and performance from NZ and around the world. So we’re making the most of it. We went to see Blackwatch last week, a quite dark play about a Scottish battalion in Iraq, very cleverly done and even managed some light relief, and we’re off to a jazz and also a dance/acrobatics performance. Both of which I‘m looking forward to.