We Have News

So, we’re now two weeks into April and we’ve been to Oz and got engaged since I last wrote.

The trip to Oz was good and we will eventually write up a bit more and put some photos up. But I will add that we walked a very long way, I averaged about 15km a day, which made up for all the extra eating. The longest day was getting up at 4.20am, leaving home and flying to Sydney, walking around all day and eventually getting our delayed flight to Melbourne arriving at 11.30pm (or should I say 1.30am Wellington time).

As for our engagement, well we’ve talked about it for long enough, not sure how much difference it will make to us but it’ll be great to formalise it and to celebrate. After all my spouting about how Robbie should propose, I spoilt his plans (again) and asked him myself. To answer a couple of questions; yes it is a leap year, but I must say it didn’t cross my mind, it was more of a spontaneous moment and yes I did (eventually) get down on one knee (to convince him I wasn’t messing around). The good thing is I get two rings out of this. Robbie bought me a ring from Gabrielle’s wharf, from the shop where he bought my birthday present the first year we were together. Its sized for my right hand so we’re having another ring designed for my left hand

Other than that (as if that wasn’t enough), I’ve finished Robbie’s engagement present (I sifted through our photos since we met, thankfully digitally, and put together an album for him), I’ve been looking for work, had a horrible cold for a week and we attended a great cocktail night. The only thing I have to say about that is that I’m never drinking an Indian Summer again, it knocked me for six, though as its stopped me drinking for a while, it probably saved me from a horrible hangover.