Its finished

Well its been a while since we last wrote. I’m no longer a lady of leisure and after four weeks am still not quite used to having to get up in the mornings. Unfortunately I seem to have several early starts at work and on Thursday I’m on my second work trip up to Auckland, with a 6.30am flight. Unfortunately the travel, and associated early starts, is something I think I’ll have to get used to…

On the wedding front, we have almost finalised a date for our NZ wedding. Saturday 21st March 2009 is looking a likely contender, with the venue (ceremony and reception) at a little vineyard in Martinborough. After several trips to the jewellers, designing, seeing a wax model, and then several steps of the metal version, by ring is now finished. I picked things I liked from various different pictures and rings in the shop, combined with Robbie wanting some traditional elements (like a centre stone), and we ended up with the something we’re both very happy with it, or I’m very happy and Robbie’s just glad I like it! Continuing on a wedding theme, our time has been spent visiting venues and discounting most, I went to a wedding show, tried on a couple of dresses and started looking at invites and favours – I’m stunned by the mass of choice, particularly in the UK and the states, I don’t think even half of it has filtered through to Wellington yet.

Other than that, we’ve really been getting back into a new routine with me working again. I’ve started going to my jazz dance classes again and today am really suffering from very sore sides. We’re still trying to eat healthily, although a trip to the food show last weekend meant I spent the day eating lots of yummy, but I sure very bad for you, food and tasting lots of wines. This weekend we’re off to see Cats. When I got the tickets for Xmas, it seemed like such a long way off…. Time’s just flying by.

For those that haven’t looked at our website for a while, before I restarted work, I updated some of our recent photos and travel diaries