New Beginnings

Yet again its a case of long time no update, but hopefully no longer! – our big problem has always been how long it takes me to update all the links when we do any sort of update so enough is enough I have learnt enough java to rewrite a simple menu and so we have a new “new fangled” webpage, apologies for the basic look but I also thought this was a good chance to abandon the Credit Suisse style sheet and slowly over time develop a Robbie and Nicola style sheet.

So down to what you all really want to know – what have we been up to?

This may be shock to some of you (it was to me) but organising getting married is actually a) time consuming and b) a little stressful. So as I write we are three and a half weeks away from the impending nuptials and we feel set, all ready to go, nothing major to sort out, all organised. However we do have a small list of little things – what music shall Nicola enter to (I still vote for the Jaws theme song), how do we want to fold the napkins (apparently there is more than one way, who knew?), what shirt am I going to wear, getting haircuts, organising the music for the dancey part of the night, printing the menus, printing the seating plan. I think you start to get the idea….

To avoid the glazy eye misery that I am sure to inflict if I continue on wedding preparation talk and instead update you on what else we have been up to

I (Robbie if you hadn’t figured it out by now) continue to work in a bank in the glamorously titled field of Non Traded Market Risk (and my boss continues to try to figure out what it is my team does). People inform me that it bankers aren’t particularly popular at the moment in the UK (no you gasp) but I assure you we retain our usual rock star status over here.

Nicola made the wise and sensible move out of central banking into professional services (she assures me that isn’t as sinsister as it sounds) and she seems to spend her days doing stuff with companies all over Wellington and Auckland in a risk based manner.

As to what we have been up to outside of work? I would love to tell you about our latest trip to certain exotic locations and that great party we went to with the people from that band but unfortunately I have been sworn to secrecy. So instead I will ‘pretend’ that we have been living a pretty ordinary life, dominated (and bullied in my case) by two cats, stockpiling leave for our wedding and generally just living life.

On that note I will leave it here, stay tuned as next time I will put up some photos of what we have been up to.