Not much to say but thought we’d write a quick update.. or we never will

Works keeping us busy, Nicola’s had a couple of trips to Auckland, but in between that and planning for our next wedding we’ve made it to a few of the comedy shows part of the annual comedy festival. Wayne Brady (whose line), Tony Hanock, Danny Bhoy and Ed Byrne. All good, all different and nice to actually see some comedy.

Robbie’s nephew and niece turned 1 last week so we had a family dinner– though Shelley couldn’t make it as she needed to stay away as Ollie (his other nephew) has chicken pox. The twins are now at an age when even Robbie can see the difference between them, just by looking at their faces!

Winter has well and truly set in, and the woodburner as always is a wonderful feature of our house – its just a shame the heats not instant. But we’re coming up to a long weekend, so its not all bad. Nicola’s still stunned its an NZ (and Aus) holiday for Queen‘s b’day and not in the UK. The plan is it to take it fairly easy. Nicola is off to Stomp on Friday (which she thinks she last saw when she was 18) and then friends for dinner on Saturday.

Nicola is no longer dancing – one class was cancelled and just doesn’t make it to the other very often, and works busy so shes not making it swimming at lunchtime – so instead she (and Robbie) are trying to make up for it on the Wii. Our latest favourite is Raving Rabbids – which we thoroughly recommend, though we haven’t mastered it using the balance board yet.