In the UK

Well we’re back in the UK, and having a great time, the weather’s been variable but we’ve seen some sun and most importantly the weekend for the wedding was wonderful, but we’ll write more about that when we get some photos to put up. In the meantime here’s what we’ve been up to.

We managed an upgrade to business class for half the trip, which gave us flat beds and silver service meals, Nicola even had a massage while waiting in the Auckland lounge. So we arrived reasonable refreshed at Heathrow on Saturday afternoon to beautiful blue sky and after a struggle with the tubes made it to Francesca’s in Aldgate to enjoy the last of the sun. We decided China town was the best bet for Nicola to get her fill of crispy duck and shredded beef, so met up with Cath and Chris for a quick dinner and some drinks.

Sunday was spent shopping with Francesca and Gene along Oxford Street, though a large part of the day the boys spent in the pub. Unsurprisingly, given we made it to midnight the night before, we crashed in front of the TV and Nicola dozed periodically in front of star wars.

Most of the week was spent pottering in Mundford and the surrounding towns. We tidied the garden, bought bits and pieces for the wedding and Robbie’s parents came to dinner.

On Wednesday we’d promised the NZ contingent a trip to Cambridge, so we met Patrick and had a slow wander around the town, Queens’, Emma and King’s Chapel. We decided to go punting down the backs, and Nicola, being a little rusty, made a slight misjudgement which when compounded with the novice error of trying to free the pole she ended up in the Cam. Not a new experience for her but not the best 5 mins into an hour long punt on a windy day!

Friday was Robbie’s b’day and a day off wedding prep. We spent the day together at the local tourist sites of the Iceni Village and Grime’s Graves. Before heading up to Ashwicken, where Robbie’s parents where staying, for dinner.

The weekend, well that’s another story, but we will say it was a glorious weekend and fantastic to celebrate with the rest of our family and friends.

This week we’ve been exploring and eating leftovers from the wedding. Tuesday we visited Sandringham and today, after faffing with the local doctor we’ve been for a walk in Thetford forest and a pub lunch.

The plan is to head back to London to stay with friends tomorrow and Nicola’s grandparents’ golden wedding celebrations at the weekend before heading to Italy next week.

What Now?

Ok, so its been over three months since we wrote an update – Nicola is using entering a new decade of her existence as an excuse, and Robbie – well he’s just lazy! We started writing a bit back in August but never quite got around to finishing and uploading to the website.

We’re about to have our long awaited month off but its sort of crept up on us, we’ve both been travelling a bit for work and are simply quite exhausted. Am sure the long journey will help… Either way we’ve both now finished work and have a day of sorting out before heading out. This probably isn’t a priority but its another thing done.

So what have we been up to. Looking back not a lot – we lead such a dull life! (I think we say this every time). Its been an horrible winter, really cold, wet and windy, which has made us slightly reluctant to get out and do things. The only good thing is that it means the wood burner has had a lot of use, and it really is wonderful to sit in front of a real fire with the cats all bundled up in the paper basket, under the fire or on the back of the couch.

Spring has now definitely arrived, the days have been lovely and blue but getting particularly cold in the evenings, we’ll be away for the spring festival but its great to know that when we get back things will be lighter, brighter and warmer. We’ve managed to get out a bit and enjoy the weather, taking a steep walk up Mount KauKau one sunny Sunday (not helped by hangovers) and while Nicola’s desk no longer overlooks the harbour, but Robbie has the most glorious view, which is at least some compensation for being inside.

We’ve managed a few dinners with friend and family: talking and playing games, even our carom board has made an appearance and most recently having an early b’day dinner for Robbie; we’ve made it to the cinema a couple of time though not as often as Robbie would like, and had drinks with colleagues and friends after long days at work. We even managed to make it up to Auckland to stay with friends, eating well and letting Robbie getting his fix of Buzz. We also went to see Harry Potter on the Imax with special 3D scenes (not many of them but the opening scene did manage to make Nicola feel giddy). And made it to a charity performance of Starlight Express, which almost tempted Nicola to get her skates out. Though neither of us were particularly impressed by the races in video but we were told if they’d done them properly they should have been in 3D, which would have been an improvement

One event that we can’t miss out was Nicola’s b’day. The day was spent spoiling her, with a $500 challenge to buy an outfit in under an hour and dinner at her favourite restaurant. The challenge was a little more stressful than planned as although she got the most lovely jacket, finding the rest of the outfit was a little difficult with the remaining money! Other pressies included more shopping and general pampering, and a visit with the Cheetahs at the zoo (we’re saving this till a little warmer!). We also slowly worked our way through the second tier of the wedding cake – duly converted by just calling it a b’day cake!

With friends moving up to the coast, we’ve spent a bit more time at Robbie’s parents place in Waikanae. Even taking the cats for a visit. Surprisingly our little tart (our Burmese cat in case you are wondering) wasn’t as curious as we’d thought and spent the weekend on or under the bed, while Buu was a little black curious shadow, purring his head off.

I think that’s more than enough for now, will also put some photos up and I guess in the next edition we’ll be remarried!