A year by any other name…

So a new year (and new decade) is here but the question on everyone’s lips is what will we call it and is it twenty ten or two thousand and ten? Who knows and it’ll probably only be determined in about fifty years when we actually need to refer to the decade as a period in history, but then it could just be an era. The noughties will probably be remembered for the asset bubbles, the ‘crash’ in 2000 and 2008/9 will be merged into one and no doubt some better phrase will be coined (the Aussies are pushing hard for the GFC – Global Financial Crisis – but what do you expect from a country who’s prime minister is called Kevin?)

Anyway, what have we been up to? Well, since returning from the UK in October, we blinked and suddenly it was Xmas. Well that’s how it seemed anyway. I guess we have been busy doing the day job and don’t have any exciting adventures to report. Robbie has been loading all our CD’s into mp3 format which seems to have taken a ridiculous amount of time, we have both been trying (in vain) to get fit and lose some weight and we have been waiting for the summer sun to arrive.

This year, Xmas has been split between Waikanae and Taupo and unfortunately its not been the greatest weather for playing on the beach or in the lake. We’re hoping for a late summer which hopefully Robbie can enjoy since he has now resigned and ends work on 22nd Jan.

It’s been a hectic Xmas, Nicola (along with Steph) cooked for Xmas day, not only catering two Xmas dinners (one for the veggies and a traditional Xmas turkey), but also a huge xmas lunch where the brothers Anderson manned a seafood BBQ. It generally meant Nicola spent two days cooking and after working more than full time over the last couple of months was thoroughly exhausted.

Xmas week was spent with family, we even braved taking the twins and Ollie out to Lindale petting farm without the parents as a Xmas treat – though we’re still not sure whether the treat was for the kids or the parents. The last few days have been much more relaxing with just us and Robbie’s parents it’s a lot more peaceful and even the weather’s improved. Although Robbie’s technically been working through, its only been a couple of hours a day, so we’ve managed to go kayaking on the lake and relax and enjoy our books.

Looking back at 2009 the focus has been a combination of planning and then having two weddings and a rather hard year of work. We had a lovely holiday after each wedding but the volume of leave this used left us little time to do anything else. I think it is fair to say we finished the year exhausted.

Looking forward to 2010 is a little more exciting (and also quite scary). Robbie now has 10 more days of work (in honour of this I have scattered the BNZ pigs across the post) before a break of at least 6 months as he tries to sort out everything we need to do before moving back to the UK. The thought of being a kept man, although pleasant, is tempered by the thought of dwindling bank balances. Nicola is planning to work on to Easter and then we will have a brief holiday before heading to the UK in early May. Once we arrive it will be find a flat, find a job, find a house, pick up the cats (yes we are bringing them over) and get back to UK life, friends and family.