We spent our last two nights in NZ staying with Robbie’s parents. On the Friday we had a last dinner in our house the same way we had our first, sitting on the floor, in an almost completely empty house, eating take away pizza and drinking champagne. Saturday was bit more classy, eating at Nicola’s favourite restaurant (the White House) overlooking Wellington harbour.

After an early start on Sunday morning, we started the flight to Singapore. The thrill of a new city to explore and the start of a new life was marred with exhaustion and the sadness of what we’d left behind. Not to mention the threat of a looming volcanic ash cloud. That said we both enjoyed the city. Details (and photos of our time in Singapore can be found here

The flight to London was thankfully uneventful (apart from the vague excitement of it being our first time in the airbus A380). We’ve now been here just over two weeks and during this time we:

  • had our new car delivered (day 2)
  • sorted out car insurance, opened a bank account and got new phones (a massive headache – customer service can’t really handle non standard anymore, an example: for his bank account Robbie had to say he was a house husband as any other response meant he didn’t qualify and it only took 3 visits to the bank and 4 hours to figure this out).
  • Have been to a wedding (day 4), a good introduction back to our old friends though we got very tired and were asleep on our feet by 10 (Photos can be seen here). Unfortunately the hotel heating was going full blast so had an uncomfortable night’s sleep lying on top of the bed with all the windows open.
  • Visited friends and family – with more to come
  • Endured recruitment agent questions, read what seems like endless unsuitable roles and even been offered a job (turned down)
  • Been suit shopping in Norwich twice – having bought one suit for the wedding only to discover the trousers needed hemming, we went and bought another. Only to find that the shirts we’d bought were the wrong size.