So it been a year….

And what a year its been. Having left NZ just over a year ago, we’re now pretty much into a routine. Although its a very different routine to the one we left, the comfort of any routine makes home feel like home. To celebrate one year back in the UK (any excuse) we decided a mix of our two backgrounds was required and settled in to watch the Eurovision Song Contest with a couple of kiwi friends and some traditional kiwi grub – we didn’t quite manage a hangi, settling instead for a BBQ and Pavlova (alongside some kiwi chippies – thank you viv).

We’ve just got back from a wonderful break from the usual routine, four days up in Yorkshire and some time to catch up on stuff around the house. Although not the best weather, it was wonderful to explore and not think about work. INSERT PHOTOS.

We also thought it was about time we put some photos up of our house

So what have we been up to, below are some highlights, lowlights and the simply bizarre:

  • the wonderful early summer in April (Easter with the family, playing cricket in Greenwich park and other celebrations)
  • the two long weekends in a row
  • seeing Roger Waters perform the Wall at the O2
  • a stay at the Black Swan in the lovely village of Helmsley and eating far too much
  • Getting through airport security to see people getting on the plane but no way to get through the gate (damn jubilee line suspension and the insurance company for saying 40 mins leeway wasn’t’ sufficient for a 25min journey)
  • too many 11/12 hour days at work (though to be honest, more than 1 in any month is really too many)
  • missing occasions in NZ
  • the strangest comedy night. 1 guy appeared to have a break down on stage and Rich Hall was completely upstaged by a girl from Crayford – solidifying any preconceptions about how nice a place the Dartford really is.

In May we spent a well deserved week in Yorkshire, too lazy to do much it was mostly Yorkshire by English heritage plus a Whitby, Scarborough and dinner, bed and breakfast at the black swan a lovely little hotel in Helmsley.

The riots were two weeks ago and it seems like an age. We went from pretty much not knowing anything was happening to willing helicopters and sirens as far away as possible, not a great night’s sleep and a very surreal feeling walking back from work, with all the shops shut and boarded up.  The one highlight, a week later, was we managed to win best name at the pub quiz, which was riot themed with ‘My children went to London and all I got was this lousy iphone, plasma screen, designer jeans and bag of rice”