So that was christmas

Back home after christmas in Norfolk and while we may have been dreaming of a white christmas that’s all it was. But as my mother reminded me, its a lot more practical that way, no hazardous roads to negotiate and a substantially warmer house (which also unfortunately meant no fires).

We had a fairly traditional christmas; lots of time around the dinner table slowly demolishing a food mountain that would have fed a small country pausing only for the queen’s speech and opening presents. A murder mystery walk in Castle Acre and a few family games later it was time to come home.

Its now the first day after the christmas hols and while popping into coop i struggled to believe my eyes when I spotted a section dedicated to Easter eggs, ok so it was only creme and mini eggs, but really… oh well I guess I should wish you all a happy easter.

Merry Christmas

Yesterday, we woke to the news of yet another series of earthquakes in Chch. Its a strange sensation being on the other side of the world, Part of me still can’t believe this is happening in chch, another is thankful its not wellington and another glad the uk doesn’t really have earthquakes… then again I’d have said that about chch a few years ago (possibly uninformed). But I guess nowhere’s perfect and we eventually realise we have to make the most of it.

Today I’m thankful that my friends and family are well (although maybe not healthy) and that I have the next few days to spend time with family.

We’ve just finished lunch with the Kubiak’s. While presents were a bit of a rush, we spent a leisurely lunch catching up on each other’s news with christmas songs softly playing in the background.

Here’s wishing you all a lovely Christmas, full of fun and happiness.

Christmas is coming

Somehow christmas has snuck up on me this year. We just about managed to get NZ pressies sorted before the early Dec royal mail deadline but since then christmas has only come in fits and bursts. Not helped by a busy period at work, a touch of flu and presents not arriving from Amazon, the christmas spirit has taken a bit of a back seat. We’re now on the shortest day of the year, and with only 3 days before christmas I’m still a couple of presents short and I’m struggling to find the inspiration (and time) to wander around searching for that little thing that will bring a smile.

Flu has kept me housebound for the last couple of days,  so Robbie comes home to a very antsy wife who never quite feels she’s been productive enough but knows that if she does any more she’s likely to spend all the christmas break asleep.  So with christmas just around the corner I’m now trying to make sure I’m well enough to enjoy it.

Now it feels like christmas

Today we hosted drinks and nibbles, so in preparation we bought a tree and a wreath to decorate the house. When added to smells of peppakakor (maybe with a touch too much cardamom) and mulled wine the tone was set.

For those of you who made it, we loved having you. For everyone else hope you had as nice a day as we did and hope to see you soon.