On our way home

Our last couple of days in Wellington were spent relaxing and trying to squeeze in those last foods that we won’t taste for a while. We’re now sitting in the transit lounge of LAX having gone through immigration but still cordoned off from the rest of the airport. Thankfully our wait is short as we’re on the same plane to London and Air NZ have been nice enough to provide free wifi, drinks, crisps and papers. The flight was a little bumpy but that didn’t stop us getting far too much sleep in our compimentary upgrade to premium economy, possibly assisted by the very large pour of dessert wine.

It was a wrench to leave NZ but we’re glad to be coming back to London and especially our own bed and our two footwarmers. The trip has given us things to think about and resolutions to keep in better contact.

So long summer, roll on Spring.

Summer’s almost gone, roll on Spring

This is my first blog on the new website as I have been busy loading content in the new format and then letting Nicola tell the story of what we have been up to.

It’s been a nice holiday dominated by catching up with people over lunches and dinners. We have eaten at enough places around wellington now that Nicola is considering writing a food guide to the city. Our final weekend was spent in Waikanae with what can only be called a cacophany of kids as the whole family gathered for a bit of passive time together. It was surprisingly good fun but like so much of our holiday, a pity about the weather.

It is now one day to we leave and three to we are back at work, all seems a bit sudden. I have just realised this computer has voice recognition software so i will dictate a final thought…

Russian we hope to see you soon

Oh well it almost got it right ‘Russian’ was actually ‘Goodbye from us’

a holiday within a holiday

After a lovely week in Wellington and a trip over the Rimutakas to lunch at Coney and watch Tara in her swimming gala we decided we needed a holiday. So off to Taupo it was…

Our hearts sank at the sight of the weather forecast… thunderstorms all week. Thankfully the forecast was accurate as always and we spent a pleasant five days not doing much other than read and play games (though our cards were awful) with only one day lost to the grey damp and thunder overnight.

We drove back to Wellington and arrived to the most glorious day with the view from Ngauranga gorge the sight Wellingtonians yearn for.. and those who spend more time away feel more than a little homesick. After all you can’t beat Wellington on a fine day…

Wanderings in Wellington

We’ve spent the last few days in Wellington catching up with friends and family getting to grips with the latest gossip of who’s doing what and where.

I’m sitting looking over wonderful views of the harbour albeit a little greyer than we’d like and remarkedly for Wellington wind free. Last night we went to my favourite restaurant, the White House, and was thrilled to find that the food was still fabulous (but poor service – maybe my standards have changed but it was somewhat sloppy). I’ve managed to do some shopping and glad that some things are still so much simpler here: Our wedding rings have been brought back to a life with a polish and rebrush by Pacific Jewellers, all in a hour or so and for free (as we bought them there) compared to a not insignificant amount and over two week turnaround in Canary Wharf and the lovely woman at Zamm lighting has given us the fittings we lost in the move so we can now put up our beautiful NZ bedside lamps.

Our overwhelming sense is one of familiarity and we’re hoping that next week in Taupo will be more of a holiday. Though the weather here is better than the snow in the uk, it would be nice to see a bit more sun. We do spare a thought for poor Caramia in an outdoor cattery and hope that at least this means Buu won’t be too mean to her.


Our first taste of summer and we’re both a little burnt. Me more so than Robbie as with cloud cover for a large part of the day i felt the cold and sought out every little bit of warmth. I’d forgetton quite how harsh the nz sun can be on skin that hasn’t seen any sun for a few months.

Day three was spent in Waikanae with Callum, Tracey and Fraser, not doing much but that was the intention. Sunday we had a bbq at Bayview followed by a couple of hours around the pool as the kids jumped in as their fathers waited with arms outstretched. Unfortunately my camera had flat batteries and it was simply too many steps back up to get Robbie’s.

Today we are passing the time in waikanae and having had an early (ish) stroll along the beach we are now relaxing with our books in the sunroom. Though from the look on Robbie’s face i’ll soon have to move and play some pool…