Spring forward

So the clocks have gone forward and for the first time in a long while i arrived home while it was still light.

As if on cue the sunshine arrived last week and we spent a wonderful day off wandering around bond street and enjoying a meal at Maze. As a tasting restaurant I felt a little awkward on reading the set menu… two of the five courses were definitely not my thing. In the spirit of the restaurant i asked to change the banana sundae but decided to give the other a go. i really wish i hadn’t as my final taste to an otherwise lovely meal was now going to be a peanut butter icecream sandwich with berry sorbet rather than the beautiful courses we’d had earlier. But this was saved by the waiter’s delivery of some gorgeous chocolate truffles which were just the thing to see us on our way.

Over the weekend we tried to make the most of the sun by relaxing in the garden but this was marred by our adventurous black panther who decided to prowl into our neighbour’s garden. So instead of relaxing we spent much of the day attempting to bribe him back into our garden or herding him away from the gaps in the fence. Sometimes i wonder if its cruel to keep them as indoor cats but then again we quite like them in the house and its only outdoors thats the real problem.

An inspiring sight

After a dismal attempt at running home, by the time I reached Cutty Sark I was ready to get a bus the rest of the way, but the sight of the Naval College all lit up, presumably for some movie or tv night scenes, was enough to keep me walking and I actually ran a bit more too…

What it is to be British…

Now most people, british or not, will have a view on this subject and having lived away from the uk, the concept of britishness could make me feel closer to home. So it was with some curiousity that yesterday we got an insight into what the Home Office believes is important to understand in order to be british.

Let me explain. Before Robbie can renew his visa he needs to sit the life in the Uk test and yesterday the study materials arrived. Our first instinct was to reach for the practice tests….. which we both failed miserably. Although i have to admit that Robbie got 1 more than me. At least it means we didn’t waste the twenty quid on the books (yes there are multiple).

But where did we fail. My complete lack of interest in history at school (i blame the teachers) and total apathy for politics didn’t help and the large number of stats on population surely can’t be of interest to many. In fact some of the latter must be contrary to the aim of building a sense of one community. All up, we’ve got some cramming to do and am sure both of us will be a lot more british for it.

For the pedants out there we do realise my post name is slightly at odds with the content… its covered on page 7 of the official handbook.

Home Again, Home Again

We didn’t take many photos while we were away but we’ve put a couple up here NZ 2012

We’ve been back just over a week now, and after a full week of work and house guests we’re over our jet lag and back into just being tired.

Mum and Paul joined us last weekend for dinner at the Spread Eagle (not good – two medium rare steaks ordered and one medium, one medium well delivered, while the floor reverberated to the early jazz session below – we won’t be going back) and Paul’s present of a sushi rolling class at Feng Sushi on the South Bank on Sunday morning. Together, Paul and I produced a mound of sushi, which manged to feed not only the four of us but apparently saved our neighbours from starving, while mum and Robbie took a 10k walk on the London green chain near Charlton/Eltham.

This week, we’ve had Josh staying while hes been on an internship at Absolute publishing, so have made the effort to show him around the local area with two pub quizes (“its definitely Michael Owen”) and a comedy night (best of the night was American Dave Fulton with a scarily accurate narrative on English drinking culture).

We’re now looking forward to having some time to ourselves and maybe we won’t be so tired.