So here I am am, at home, all on my own for the second time in a week. Though, for once, it is strange that my statement is not a complaint just a simple statement of fact.
Today, i am slouched on our sofa, slightly nervous, as Robbie sits at Nanna & Grandad’s before heading to croydon home office to renew his uk residents visa tomorrow. While i am hoping that this process is simply a formality, as i don’t know of any reason it should be otherwise, there is still that lingering concern of what if…. that said i’ve only just got home as i had a nice of distraction of dinner with a friend in the one day of summer we’ve had this year.
The other time this week i was abandoned was last Friday (and with less than an hour’s notice!, but with good reason). Though again, i wasn’t paticularly disadvantaged, instead taking the opportunity to indulge in a truly girly evening with pizza, chocolate, a romcom on tv and a magherita (or two).
All that said, I’d happily exchange my girly indulgence for having my husband with me without the uncertainty, so i have all my fingers crossed for tomorrow…

Mental improvements

Its all too easy to carry on with day to day life with little capacity to do or learn something new. Robbie is always keen to expand his horizons with his part time study (psychology at the moment a change from the usual ancient history) but having moved back to the uk two years ago I don’t think we’ve made the most of everything on offer.
That said in the last couple of weeks we have made a couple of trips worth noting. The first was a trip to Bletchley Park, a place thats long been on my to do list but we’ve never quite got around to (and probably wouldn’t have if my uncle hadn’t suggested it – thank you patrick). Its an unusual place, not just for the sheer incredibility of what they did and how they did it, but also in presentation through odd exhibitions of era relevant memorabilia and the tendency of the tour guide to somewhat belittle the visitors and park by saying he wasn’t good at the technical and it would probably bore us if he did, alongside the reminder that it was a private museum (any donations please) and as such please don’t publish photos on the internet.
Second was a trip to the Royal River exhibition at our local Maritime Museum which peaked our interest in the Jubilee pageant. But again we needed a prod, this time from our employer which as a primary sponsor meant we could get free tickets.
So, what’s next? Who knows, maybe I’ll just try to finish the book I’m reading or another west end show. Not great for expanding mental horizons but a lovely treat which always makes me smile