let the games begin

not sure the world will get half of it, but what do you expect from the guy who directed trainspotting. We enjoyed, though were a little slow on the rings, Bond was cool, Bean was worrying and the cauldron was beautiful.

its what time..

After what felt like a really long and exhausting week at work we were looking forward to a leisurely lie in but we’ve just been woken up but music and someone far too cheery for this time in the morning.
Out first reaction was to blame the builders next door, but they’ve not got to work before 8.30 all week. Then as our brains tuned in to the noise, we realised that it was more loud speaker and cheering than music, so the only conclusion was that the Olympic torch relay was on Trafalgar Road. We considered our options and whether we should get up to watch this once in a lifetime event “inspiring a nation” (as says the olympic propaganda all over Greenwich says). It was a difficult decision…. we decided to stay in bed while watching the live stream on bbc.

keeping busy

On Sunday we got back from a lovely holiday in Latvia and Estonia. Not the most obvious destination you may think, but it is when you’ve got friends getting married there. Plus, since our trip we’d also thoroughly recommend both to anyone who fancies a leisurely city break (and what we saw of the countyside/beaches wasn’t too bad either!).
It also marked the fifth consecutive week where we haven’t spent a whole day at home, which as lovely as it is to be busy means the cats and housework is somewhat neglected. So, after just three days back at work our holiday seems like an age ago. (And photos will just have to wait til we find some time!).