summer of sport

Well it might not have been much of a summer but we have been lucky with sport: ladies semi finals day at Wimbledon, two days of international test cricket, a one dayer at the Oval, and three different Olympic events (four for Robbie) and now we are sitting in the Olympic park waiting for the paralympic opening ceremony!

Is it worth it?

Yesterday was our first day pottering around the house in a while, and as the sun was out (well sort of) it felt a bit of a shame that we couldn’t go and enjoy our local park, especially after four days of having our normal route to work disrupted by the games. Particularly frustrating as we’re so close we can hear the cheers, but couldn’t get tickets.

But then, after dinner we took a walk up to the heath, round into the small bit of the park that is open, then down to Greenwich where we joined the crowd watching the large screen in the naval college to watch Jessica Ennis get her gold. Today we enjoyed the events from the North Greenwich Arena, where we watched two British medals in the pommel horse (so close to gold but not quite). And tomorrow we’re off to the handball and Tuesday to the Olympic stadium.

So, are we disupted by the games? Yes. Could the olympic committee have done better in organising tickets? Probably, but then nothing would have been perfect. Is it worth it? Of course, its great to be so close to so much. We’d be mad not to take advantage of it. (Though i do have to note that Robbie thinks the ticket prices are not worth the money, so i’m not sure how that reconciles!)

love it or hate it…

Even with today’s GB gold medals, my favourite news story today is that the NZ medallists are being given Marmite as a reward…

For those that love it (and I’m not in this category for the NZ varitey), “Marmageddon” (the shortage in supply in NZ since March when Sanitarium got hit by an earthquake) means that sales of jar on Trade Me (for Uk readers read – eBay) are going for ridiculous sums (2 x 500g sold for $161). So maybe not quite as valuable as a medal but who knows it you’re craving it… the story even made the BBC