Capital Loop – Section 14

One of our aims this year is to walk the capital loop, a 78mile walking loop around London. The walk we did on new years day attempted to cover some of it, but failed to link up so today we tried again. This time we decided to start a little further from home, so we travelled to Hackney Wick for a spot of lunch with friends at The Hackney Pearl, (a trendy bar/cafe with good food if a little overpriced) before walking the five miles to Royal Albert dlr station.

The walk starts along the canals, before skirting the Olympic stadium, a short diversion around cross rail building works but the majority of the walk is along the NOSE, then ending in Beckton Park. For me, the first third was most interesting as the you pass all the rebuilding, you can start to understand why Queen Elizabeth park won’t be reopened for another year and a half, though why you’d plan it that way…, and seeing the grand old buildings along the first part of the NOSE before reaching Plaistow. The rest of NOSE leads you at elevation past various terrace housing which seem never-ending. We made it to Royal Albert just in time to get home via the cable car at dusk.

In the interest of completeness, I had a lovely time last weekend, seeing Matthew Bourne’s Sleeping Beauty at Sadlers Wells before a spa day on Sunday, after which I felt very spoilt and a little bit sore from the massage catching all the knots in my shoulders . After the day, mum’s new new year’s resolution was to have a massage once a month – which sounds appealing.

Happy New year

It’s 2013, which is going to take a bit of getting used to, and we’re full of good intentions.

Robbie’s resolution is to make time for the little things which improve your quality of life, like making bread so you wake up to the glorious smell. Mine is to do the little things before they turn into big things and drag you down.

London celebrated the new year with a huge, somewhat ridiculous, fireworks display, which we watched on the tv but did experience live sound as it echoed along the Thames, and such a beautifully sunny first day that we went for an 8 mile walk. The photos below are from Shooters Hill.

However you have started the year, we wish you all much love, laughter and happiness.