St Lucia

To escape the British winter we booked a trip to the Caribbean, St Lucia to be precise. After much umming and ahhing, we decided on Rendezvous, an all inclusive, couples only resort just north of the capital Castries. Not having been all inclusive before, we were a little hesitant, but with a dive a day included, the need for some real relaxation, and as it was on sale, we thought why not.

The last part of our flight flew along the edge of the island to reach the southern tip, it was a beautiful view of lush mountainous rain forest and enticing blue waters. The warmth hit us and not even the hour and a bit journey to the north west of the island to reach our resort put us off.

The days went by mostly lying by one of the pools or on the beach with a book in hand as you waited for the next meal, so we generally overindulged in the multitude of food on offer which varied day by day – International Cuisine evening (read Mexican), Italian evening, Chinese etc etc – while reasonably nice, Nicola would have preferred a bit more local food on offer. We did on occasion try to work off some of the food, Nicola managed to fit in a couple of dives, a yoga class and a spa treatment, while Robbie got into the daily volleyball game.

Other than that, we ventured out of the resort on four occasions;

  • To walk into Castries to go to the craft market (Cara got a new basket to replace the one we left at the cattery in NZ),
  • An escorted tour, which felt like a whirlwind trip of the western side of the island (fishing villages selling tourist paraphernalia, half and hour in each of the botanical gardens, drive in volcano and lunch, before a catamaran back to Castries),
  • A walk to the nearby lighthouse, up on a hill close to the resort, it offered lovely views of Castries harbour and north towards Martinique
  • A trip to the marine park by the Pitons, diving for Nicola and snorkeling for Robbie.

Overall, it was a nice holiday, we got what we went for a good rest and some sun. Photos here


Just a quick post as I realised its been almost a month – my excuse this time is that we’ve been on holiday to St Lucia (photos to follow) and busy with some family occasions.

Anyway, I’ll take this opportunity to post some photos of the snow in Greenwich before we went on hol in January.  We had a pleasant stroll through the park one day, watching all sorts of items being used to slide down the slopes, threw the cats in the back garden – Caramia was not impressed; add built what I’m told is Robbie’s first snowman…