Time goes by

Robbie’s now started studying after a couple of months break. This time its Greek myths, and is the penultimate course to complete his Massey Post Grad diploma, its only taken 6 years so far! However long, I’m still impressed with his discipline and this time I’m getting interesting stories, but it leaves me with time on my hands.

So I’ve been trying to sort out a photo diary, a task I haven’t done since we moved to the UK and I’ve been making use of my food magazine subscriptions and cupboard full of recipe books. Successes include a Korma recipe, which Robbie thinks is the best I’ve found to date (he dislikes the British take on Korma – so thank you Rick Stein) and some home made hot cross buns, though I’m not sure these were worth the effort given the number of stages. Not too many disappointments, and its a complete change from the day to day monotony of work.

We’ve also had some great food out; a traditional polish meal at Ognisko near the Royal Albert Hall, we had a fairly quick 3 course meal before watching Kooza, it was a stunning Cirque du Soleil show and such a relief after the low quality of the MJ tour we saw last year; a set menu at Pont de la tour, always nice though I think service and wine ended up costing more than the food; the Criterion restaurant with Robbie’s dad before heading next door to the theatre to see an interesting take on the 39 steps (its a four person comedy…), the restaurant’s decor was better than the food but a great location and decent enough; while last weekend we went to Bermondsey street to Village East for a wonderful meal, after good cocktails at the Hide Bar, its amazing how different and popular the area is compared with 10 years when we looked at living there – even then the prices were out of our reach, so I hate to think what its like now.

This weekend we’re off to see another circus, this time on a boat in Canary Wharf and its mother’s day, so I’ll hopefully get some nice spring lamb to roast, though it still doesn’t seem very spring like.