Keep on running

Today we went out to watch the amazing masse of people that is the London marathon. Spring has eventually arrived and so we spent a lovely couple of hours in the sunshine cheering people go by. Once they’d passed we were able to wander down the closed roads around Greenwich which was somewhat weird.

Such a contrast to last month, when we spent a night away in Gloucestershire for our anniversary, revelling in the quiet open space though preferring to gaze from the car than face the bitterly cold wind before back to London for more snow. (Having brought back some lovely potted smoked venison and salmon from Upton Smokery).

My recent weeks have been consumed by long days at work so weekends have been catching up with sleep and enjoying cooking, in particular a fun games evening with the neighbours. Easter was in Purley catching up with family where instead of an easter egg hunt we searched for discs to rule out people, weapons and rooms in a Barrie edition of Cluedo.

Hooray for BST

Despite still working longer hours than I’d like, in particular catching up after a bout of laryngitis, i left work today with a smile on my face as at ten to seven, it was light and the sun was shining.

To steal a phrase from Robbie’s easter egg, happy easter, happy spring, happy happy everything.  Now we just need to the temperature to catch up with the hour.