Decadence on a Sunday evening

Last year, Robbie got me a voucher for my birthday to try our hand at making some chocolates while drinking cocktails at My Chocolate near Chancery Lane. This year we redeemed the voucher and have just got home with a couple of bags of somewhat deformed hand made chocs. The chocolate martini was to our taste, though Robbie thought having it with chocolates was a little OTT, though we were at a chocolate workshop so not sure what he expected. Overall a nice end to the first hot weekend this summer.


We’ve been out celebrating my birthday… Charlie and the chocolate factory the musical last night (my christmas present) and we’re on our way home from walking over the o2 (Robbie’s bday present, we were waiting for good weather –  but got bored with waiting), we’re now off home for dinner and champagne. looking forward to my actual present tomorrow!

and the answer is

or at least Robbie’s, is to have a bath, i think its his answer to world peace.

The last few weeks have been frantic, builders have been working on our utility/toilet, work doesn’t get any quieter and Robbie has the next installment of his slowly forming post grad certificate next week.

Its been a little stressful, the draughts have given me a cold and i’m missing the cats, who are in the cattery for safe keeping, but they’re back tomorrow and the work is almost done.