Its been a while

So we’ve been a bit slack on the blog. The British summer has been unusually nice, and while we have been enjoying the sun, I’d been struggling to keep pace with work and home. But now I’ve hit a reset button and am trying to focus on those things that make life more enjoyable, starting with only occasional 11+ hours day at work, rather than the long days being the norm.

My ebook has had a lot of use, while lazing in the sunshine, and I’ve started swimming again, making use of the 50m lido in Charlton, and when the new term starts I’m hoping to try out a new dance class in addition to Barre, which I have managed to keep going over the last year.

In anticipation of trying more dance, last weekend I headed off to ‘Walking Stories’ in Greenwich park.  Advertised by Greenwich dance, I assumed it would be movement related, instead it was more contemplative. Each participant was given headphones and an mp3, you followed instructions moving around the park, sometimes as a group or smaller groups or individuals, while not was I expected a good opportunity to slow life down for a while.

Today Robbie and I picked up the Capital Ring where we left off in Jan, walking 3 sections starting in Beckton District Park and ending in Grove Park taking the Woolwich foot tunnel under the Thames. It was a nice way to spend bank holiday Monday and at 14 miles, I think I’ll sleep well tonight.