Windy Wharf

Not quite windy Wellington, but enough for Robbie to reminisce about his home town as we woke up to the wind howling. For all the press build up, our walk to work was sunshine and blue sky, with a few branches and green leaves mixed in with the autumnal colours on the ground.

That said, looks like we got off fairly lightly in comparison and the practicalities of living so close to work meant, unlike about a quarter of my floor, we made it into the office.

Passing time on a train…

Unsure where to go for week’s holiday I came across a package tour including a train trip which is on the Unesco World Hertigage list. Ever since my trip Europe when I was 18, train journeys have been one of my favourtie ways to travel and I knew it was a journey I wanted to make. The idea of passing time on a train just appeals – there’s nowhere to go and not much to do other than stare out the window, read a book or maybe a couple of hands of cards – its enforced relaxation.

Not one for package tours, we planned a route, booked flights and a couple of nights accomodation a few days beforehand and made our way to Gatwick. After a late flight into Milan Malpensa, we stayed near the airport in a rather grand villa in a seemingly deserted village. The next day we took the train to Varenna via Milano Centrale. After 3 nights in a converted monastery, exploring the lake and surrounding hills, we took the train to Tirano, changing to Swiss railways, to travel through the Alps to Chur. After 2 nights, and tumbleweed streets (Chur is almost enitrely closed on a Monday when we happened to visit), our final train journey took us to Zurich, where we flew back to London City airport.

Photos will follow, we weren’t lucky with the weather but it was dry, so the photos are mainly grey!