We’ve spent a lovely week in Wellington catching up with friends and family, we even made it to a show as part of the arts festival. We’ve decided that if this is a taste of what its like to be retired – we quite like it. The weather has been glorious, so we don’t look quite so pale as we did when we arrived. Today we’re off to Taupo via Martinborough but the weather looks to be turning… hopefully it will be nicer in Taupo.

Wellington_13 Wellington_12 Wellington_11 Wellington_10 Wellington_09 Wellington_08 Wellington_07 Wellington_06 Wellington_05 Wellington_04 Wellington_03 Wellington_02 wellington_01

NZ West Coast

Last week we spent an enjoyable couple of days on the West Coast. The highlight of the trip a full day walk on the Fox Glacier on a stunningly clear day – a great experience which we’d recommend to all. We’ve posted a selection of photos below:

WestCoast_02 WestCoast_03

FoxGlacier_089 FoxGlacier_049 FoxGlacier_111 FoxGlacier_062 FoxGlacier_047 FranzJosef_36

Random thoughts

In an attempt to not just use this as a calendar, I thought I’d add a couple of things that caught my attention today.

While having a quick lunch at my desk (unfortunately a normal occurrence), l spotted an article on the English language. It used NZ as an example where English is merged with the local language so that the dialect evolves differently to English in other areas. Not a strange idea, but I was intrigued by the examples they gave… pakeha, aroha and kia ora. While the first and last would probably make my list, (if I was to make one), l wasn’t so sure on the second. In any case, it made me wonder what would be other people’s chosen words to reflect a local dialect.

The odditty for the day was getting home, as if l didn’t know better I’d have thought it was Autumn given the number of leaves blowing along the street and caught in the edges of the garden. Now we’re sitting in the warm with the sound of rustling leaves & wind coming down the chimney in the background.