Reliving the past

Today marks the centenary of Britain declaring war on Germany in what became WW1. Like some of the UK we are marking the occasion with a ‘lights out’, with candles lit (and the PC on – well given I started my first post in a couple of months, I thought I should continue). More memorably, my great grandfather wrote a diary, which my family have pulled together into a published book, which describes his time as a signaller in the trenches and cycling around France – for those of you interested in reading please take a look at

On a more personal trip down memory lane: this weekend I ventured out, somewhat tentatively, on my roller skates for the first time in what I think is over ten years (Robbie can’t remember seeing me use them, they made it to and from NZ in our shipping). So what prompted this trip? Robbie’s now cycling to and from work, so I gingerly put on my skates to join him on his bike trying out part of a new ‘route’ for his morning ride and to enjoy the continued summer sunshine. Measured against the first reason, it wasn’t much of a success, as the route was too narrow for Robbie to really get much out of and far to bumpy on my skates. Though I did enjoy the smooth patch of cycle lane when we got east of the O2 and think I provided some amusement value for the people we passed (given the number comments of “ooh look, she’s on roller skates!”)