There are certain things in life that you always mean to acomplish but as they are a little rubbish, or a little too far out of the way, you never actually do them. Well today, we managed to do not one, but two of those those things.

Since my mid 20s I have wanted to eat at a Little Chef restaurant (a Heston tv show that described little chef as the worst food in the world and a similar Ben Elton routine marvelling in its crapness convinced me that this was a place I just had to go to) and it has become a bit of a running joke when we drive past services that have a Little Chef that we must stop there and sample the culinary excellence. Well today Nicola and I, in a state of tiredness (me) and illness (Nicola), actually went into a Little Chef to sample their Quick Bite menu. Like anything where you have built up high (or in this case low) expectations the event itself always fails to live up to your imaginings and unsurprisingly that was the case today as lunch ended up being a perfectly adequate mass produced meal that was quite boringly perfectly edible. Even though it was an anticlimax its a good feeling to have finally eaten there.

The second thing that I have always wanted to do is to go to the Roman Palace at Fishbourne, the best preserved Roman site in the UK. Every time I go to a Roman site I am always a little disappointed as i have high hopes of seeing an actual villa or a semi reconstruction but when we get there all that is left are foundations. Well today was no different but once I got over my initial disappointment I rather enjoyed the free tour, the mosaics and the Roman garden and I was glad we made the effort.


At this stage you are probably wondering why the post is entitled Emsworth. The reason is the we ended the day at a B&B in the rather pretty town (or at least from what we could tell as we strolled around looking for dinner) of Emsworth and I was determined to, just once, actually remember the name of an anonymous small town that we have stayed in…