Questa settimana è cene italiane

In order to at least try to eat healthily during the week and not take the easy route of one of the many takeaways nearby, we write a menu and shopping list for the week and then broadly stick to i, (yes that is my mother’s influence – though I haven’t gone as far as printing templates in the order of the supermarket layout, my list is broadly split into groups on the back on an envelope!).

But even with veg coming from our fortnightly delivery, at the moment, inspiration is low, so writing a menu consists of picking a theme or recipe book.

This week its Italian. Robbie’s pick, maybe inspired by his attempts to learn some Italian or maybe as the sun is out, making it feel like summer is on its way and a reminder of sunny holidays to Italy.

So thanks to some help from Jamie and Nigella, our menu is:

  • Bistecca con fagioli cannellini
  • Gamberi con limone e pangattato
  • Pasta e ceci
  • Spaghetti bolognese
  • Costolette di maiale con salvia
  • Salsicce con lentichhie e salsa di pomodoro