Cycling Kent

Back in November I remember enthusiastically writing that I need to cycle 1,011km over the next 11 months to complete one of the 40 things to do while I am 40. Here we are 5 months later and i can, rather sheepishly, report that I am only 187km through and this is mainly because I rode 62km of them last weekend.

In my defence I have been waiting for the temperature to get above 5 degrees as this was supposed to be a fun thing to do, rather than something that involved me slogging through the cold and rain of an English winter. So this weekend I went out on the bike on a… cold (hey it was 6 degrees, not 5!)… rainy day (truth to be told it wasn’t only raining, it hailed for a while too)… riding through the most heavily industrial part of the loop; the London docks. Well that was my expectation going in, but you can imagine my surprise 12km in to be riding (my road bike) through 7km of farm land, climbing over gates and dodging herds of cows. That said the next 20km were heavily industrial and did not disappoint.

The second half of the ride was actually quite pretty, riding through the Thames-Medway canal system and through proper Kent countryside. However, I didn’t quite enjoy it as much as I could have as while I could happily ride 60km without an issue last September that was certainly not the case this April, 5 months since I last did a long ride….

Finally one bizarre fact
– right before Dartford bridge is the main sewerage plant for London, 300 hundred meters further downstream is a fishing club…

Not quite what i expected!

Dartford BridgeThat's more like it