Up, up and up…  At 10m/s we swiftly scale the side of Aiguille du Midi. The needle is sharp and man-made walkways of a variety of materials take you between and around the Mount. Not really Robbie’s cup of tea but I think even he appreciated it.

The views are outstanding, 3 countries, not yet a white out for the winter with only Mont Blanc looking like a white marshmallow. Given the steep climb down, a task for the brave,  unsurprisingly the view was only sparsely populated with skiers. But I could understand the attraction of doing so, to reach the powdery snow, in the peace with no one around,  surrounded by stunning scenery, – not quite, but almost literally, on top of the world.

In the museum, the videos of climbers and extreme skiers looked stunning but while the thrill is obvious, for me I couldn’t quite see the attraction of something that would consume so much time to train and perfect before risking your life. There’s simply too many other things to consume our time.

We didn’t manage skiing this time,  so instead enjoyed the views, copious amounts of cheese and time away remembering the joy of something new.

Some photos here