You know its winter when…

So after an extended autumn, this week it got cold. I’ve started wearing bed socks, the trip across the road from work to the coffee shop is now done at a run, timing the gap in the traffic from the warmth of inside,  I’ve added extra layers to walk to work and I am missing my hat. The snow has arrived in scotland and the north of england and the cats are wanting the warmth of a lap more and more often and I’ve just extended the length of time the heating is on.

With only three weeks to the shortest day, I’m guessing its not going to get warmer soon so I’m starting to think of all those winter dishes I haven’t cooked for a while.

On sat we had a truly weather appropriate experience going to the Thursford spectacular. A xmas variety extravagnza, good old fashioned fun which left the whole family from 8 to 80 with wonderful smiles and an inner glow so that the weather and all day to day troubles were forgotten

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