Still in the UK

Well we’re two weeks into 2008 and it feels like a long time. Although not entirely restful, we have been having fun. Our time has been spent trying to having a holiday of our own, being tourists and catching up with friends and family.

Am feeling a little shattered and am using a nice evening in, to try and ensure we remember some of what we’ve done.

A week driving round south England, (Cambridge, Warwick and Bath) with a short detour across the border into Wales (Cardiff and Caerleon – though almost as soon as we crossed the border into Wales the rain came down so hard we could barely drive).

Days spent wandering in London, not only shopping, eating and drinking but also some culture in the British Museum and Cinderella. Culture you say, Oh not there wasn’t. Oh yes there was!

Hopefully some photos will, eventually, tell a better story. Though as usual I probably haven’t taken enough photos of people.

We’ve another ten days which are mainly full of more eating and drinking and trying to see the people we haven’t had time to catch up with. As usual there’s never enough time but I’m actually fairly impressed we’ve managed to keep going. The rest and relaxation (and diets) come when we get home, hopefully to a nice summer. That said, I thought I’d have some time, but the way the list of things to do round the house is going, I’m not so sure.