so far, not so good

Three days into the work year and three days when I’ve got home at eight, its all getting a little tiring physically and mentally. So we’re trying to think of things to keep life interesting.

Robbie’s refinding his love of music, and having moved the radio into the kitchen we’re spending less time zoned out in front of the tv. Which brings me onto the topic of song lyrics. I’ve never been big on listening to lyrics, although admit to memorising a few as a teenager, but there are some in more recent history that have stuck in the memory. Its not the good or the really bad that seem to have this quality but those that bring a cringe, a giggle or are simply baffling… “call me Mr Flintstone, cos i can make your bed rock” or “i got soul, but i’m not a soldier”… were two that came to our minds over lunch and brought a smile to a dreary start to 2012.