there are worse ways to get to work

Our route to work covers some of london’s variety from the victorian working terraces where we live and the nearby power stations to the modern dlr and canary wharf’s malls. But the nicest part of the journey, which takes away some of the pain of the end point, is our stroll through the naval college. The setting itself is beautiful and you never know who or what you’ll come across.
last winter, I have a vivid memory of walking through the college on a cold foggy morning, the mist had settled and i couldn’t see any of the gates as i stood alone in the middle of the grounds. As i slowly walked across the frosty ground, dark silhouettes would quickly appear and then disappear again as if they never existed.
While In summer, the lawns are taken over by various festivals or students and tourists lying around enjoying the sun and views up to the observatory and across the river. The rest of the time you may catch yourself stumbling through (or around) a film set (we just about spotted the set in the new sherlock holmes movie and apparently we walked through the new Bond on Friday). Or listening to the recent composition of an upcoming music star as they work there way through college.
But most of all my day is cheered by a simple “morning sir, morning miss” from one of the ground staff… In my day these simple pleasantries are too often forgotten, hopefully they’re not in yours.