So maybe we need a new carpet (or stairs)

Monday post work was a very pleasant evening spent at dance and the local pub quiz with our neighbours. The only stumbling point was exactly that. The point in question is at the top of our stairs, though a more accurate description would be a slipping point.

Its not uncommon for us to catch ourselves just on the verge of slipping as the multiple layers of carpet create a mirage that the step is about two inches longer than it actually is. So there i was just back from dance and about to head back out when i misjudged by the smallest amount and landed up face down on the bathroom floor.

After a short pause to compose myself we headed out to the quiz and then back to a sleepless night as every turn resulted in a wince and suddenly i was wide awake.

After a reminder that this wasn’t the first time one of us had ended up with multiple days of pain from this point i have to concede that something needs to change before one of us actually does some harm. Thankfully on this occasion and after only 3 hours at 2 surgeries its been confirmed that its only a sprain…typically it just had to happen when i’ve just got all my heels back from the cobbler.

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