Escaping to the circus

For a couple of hours yesterday morning I got the opportunity to forget my day to day grind and become a circus performer. Well almost anyway. A couple of months ago a deal caught my eye to spend a few hours sampling four different circus apparatus and as it was only down the road I thought why not. And while today I now feel why people like me (who spend far too long stationary sitting at a desk all week) may actually decide not to, I don’t regret the decision.

I was a little wary at first but after a good warm up, a low tightrope was a good introduction. Its difficult to understand how difficult walking in a straight line is until you try it! Most people seemed to be there to try out the flying trapeze, and at first only just over half an hour between the six of us just didn’t seem like that was going to be long enough. But after a first attempt with only about five swings my hands, shoulders and thighs were thinking that half an hour would probably be fine and on my third and final attempt I’m not sure my body would have done any more. The other two activities were juggling (not so great given i can already juggle three and that was all the teacher could too) and acrobalance which would probably have been better if it hadn’t been directly after the flying trapeze.

So will i go back? Nothing grabbed me, while i love the feeling of swinging through the air I don’t think my shoulders are up to it. That said they do offer a two hour intro to wall running …

One thought on “Escaping to the circus”

  1. Fun to try the circus anyway. As a child we had a monster swing hanging from a bough on our giant oak tree. The bough was at about the height of our house roof and after building up a distant speed, I would turn a somersault while swinging and insist on my mother leaving her kitchen duties to watch my ‘trapexe’ act.

    Will Greenwich ever be the same again?

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