Same but different

I’m fairly certain we haven’t been up to much in the last few weeks but somehow April has flown by without me realising with what seems like same shit different day dominating the work day. The weather has dampened my spirits as well as gifting a lingering head cold. So I’ve been somewhat short of inspiration and on the run/walk home I was trying to think of those little things that differentiate one day from another.

Our walk to and from work is pretty much the same but it does have its interests, not least of all the prep for the Queen’s visit last week. On a recent walk home, for a change we walked along the river and took the opportunity of a low tide to wander along the ‘beach’ and were somewhat surprised to find what looked like a pile of large mammal bones, presumably a large mammal of the water variety.

The same but different theme was emphasised when we got home. Our street consists of about ten identical two up, two down houses. Or at least thats what it looks like. Two of our neighbours are currently renovating and we, and coincidentally one of our other neighbours, took an opportunity to have a nosy round. At some point all the houses were extended to presumably capture an internal kitchen but thats pretty much were the similarity ends. Differing configurations, numbers of bedrooms, up/down stairs bathrooms, cellars of varying sizes and various modern extensions means that no two are quite the same or at least the five that I’ve been into.

My last same but different is my phone. My new smartphone has similar functionality but nothing seems to be quite the same including the navigation which managed to completely throw me off course on what should have been a simple trip to my grandparents after a short diversion. The other key difference is the fact that I’ve lost all my contacts… not a function of my new phone but the final reason I needed to prompt me to get a new one in the first place. So if you’ve managed to read this far, (for which you must be a true friend as I’m fairly certain this is rambling) please send me your details.