Today, after a later then preferable finish from work, Robbie and I decided to meet in our newest local restaurant. As a “steak and fine dining” restaurant in East Greenwich we hoped it would add something different to the multitude of chinese and other take-aways in the area.

While steak is not really my thing, the idea of a nice bit of venison has sounded good for a while. So I thought why not, its got to be better than cooking. Overall while the food was average, I’m just not convinced we’ll go back.

Robbie’s medium rare porterhouse was more like medium while my medium venison was pretty close to blue in the middle so had to be redone (which interestingly came back with a second portion of sauce which looked and tasted different from the first). The generous sprinkle of parsley and spoonful of chopped coriander on a single tomato was a little dated, as was the red neon name.

None of this was helped by various other little things which on there own are trivial but together made for an entertaining evening, (which it was). While I was late it was still light outside but the restaurant lighting felt like I’d walked into a cave, the bartender was enthusiastic but served Robbie a red pinot grigio and thought veal was venison, another waiter managed to spill a beer not just over one, but two, customers on the next table, while the menu suggested serving dessert wine in 250ml.

We hope its all teething problems but when a small side salad is 4 quid (thankfully a free side with the meat) and that they managed to undercharge us with only 6 items on a fairly quiet Friday night I won’t be holding my breath. (and yes for those of you who are wondering, yes we did tell them they’d undercharged us – how could we not, they had the best intentions and were very friendly!)