Only in Britain

Only in Britain would thousands of people flock to the Thames to wait for hours, several rows back, trying to find that small channel through a sea of heads, in the chilly English summer to catch a glimpse of a flotilla that may or may not contain the queen.

So in case you hadn’t guessed, today we spent the day with our neighbours attempting to watch our Queen’s diamond jubilee paegeant along the Thames. We started with a walk through the big lunch in the Naval College, with a large table for any to join, market stalls and music, it was nice to see our local celebrations, before heading up to Tower Hill.

The large number of people soon resulted in us looking for other options, so we headed to Wapping gardens where we found a place only four or five people deep close to where the Queen would end her journey. With some drinks from the local Waitrose (in our old stomping grounds) we waited in the not so warm but dry June afternoon for signs of the first boats to arrive.

As the first boats rowed into our narrow view the cheer from the crowds was met with the first few spots of rain. The sight was spectcular as the river filled with various boats. Even the downpour that followed didn’t dampen too many spirits as we just about managed to catch the top of the Queen’s barge as she pulled in just upstream of us.

The rain did eventually put us off, so we didn’t see it all and instead we caught the dlr back to Greenwich. As we walked back home along the river we did manage to see a few more boats despite the descending cloud. We made it home soaked through, but glad to have made the effort to celebrate an inspiring occassion.