trains, food and other experiences

This weekend Robbie treated me to a trip to Honfleur. Leaving early from work we arrived at the Eurotunnel terminal to the news that an illegal intruder was causing delays. So a couple of hours later than planned we arrived in search of a late meal. Despite the hour (close to 11 by the time we’d dumped our stuff), there seemed to be a few choices and we settled on moules and crepes by the waterside. The rest of the weekend was spent wandering around town, along the beach or simply sitting watching the world pass us by in one of the many cafes. Best food of the weekend goes to entre terre et mer. Overall a great weekend.

Today our weekly mini fruit and veg box arrived supplied by riverford. Its usually, with some planning and additions, enough to get us through the week allowing for a couple of nights out but this week (with no advanced planning) it will pretty much go in two meals, a mushroom and aubergine curry, currently in progress, uses four of the five ingredients and the fifth spinach will go nicely in a filo tart recipe – its just a good thing thats all it needed to stretch to this week!