Today we spent the day at Lords, amused by the members unspoken communication based on the choice of MCC attire; a blazer, hat, tie or cricket jumper to keep away the cold May wind. While Lords may be on the more traditional side of etiqutte, waiting for the over to complete and members only areas, etiquette is very much present in every day life. Be it the Londoner scowling at the tourist who stands on the left hand side of the escalator, or the person in the coffee queue who doesn’t quite pay enough attention to the peculiarities of that particular barrista while waiting for your coffee to be served. In busy lives, these day to day pleasantries, which seem trivial to those who are not part of the day to day rut, are surprisingly the things that seen to make the difference between an easy day and one that is slightly more stressful in our somewhat frantic modern lives.