Live Below the Line

I’ve decided to join the global challenge to ‘live below the line’ from 28 April to 2 May in an attempt to raise money to help people help themselves out of poverty. The challenge is to eat and drink for just £1 per day for 5 days. £1 per day is the baseline the World Bank uses to define extreme poverty with an estimated 1.2bn people living below this line. The chef in me has enjoyed the challenge of figuring out what to eat. Below is my shopping list, menu and photo of my food for the week… the other 11 pence is for a few spices + oil from the cupboard/garden.

Breakfast: toast & lemon curd
Lunch & dinners:
Minestrone soup with rice (3 meals)
Curried rice with currants (2 meals)
Stir fried rice with black beans (2 meals)
Chickpea + tomato stew with rice (2 meals)
Hot & Spicy instant noodles (1 meal – just for a break from rice)

Shopping list
1kg rice 40p
Loaf wholemeal bread 50p
Lemon curd 22p
Instant noodles 27p
tin kidney beans 30p
tin chick peas 39p
tin black eye beans 39p
2 390g cartons of Italian tomatoes 60p
4 carrots 48p
3 onions 35p
red pepper 21p
half white cabbage 61p
50g currants 17p (a little compromise as apart from the spices this is the only item apportioned from a larger bag)
Total £4.89