Mid lifestyle crisis

Work has been taking up far too much of my energy this year, and so while enjoying a lazy weekend reading books and magazines, as Robbie recuperates, I’ve been wonder what I want to spend my time doing.

As, dare I say it, a coming up to middle aged couple without kids, my lifestyle can be defined in terms of work, food, house and trying to make the most of an almost overwhelming possibility of things to do. With so many options, I have to start something so that I have some chance of remembering all those things I want to do or have found so that I can squeeze them into the limited time I have between earning enough money to pay for them.


Having just moved house, a large portion of my spare brain capacity goes into thinking about what could  be done and what should be done. Random links here


Whether eating out or in, food is one of my favourite things to make, eat and think about. My collection of food and drink

Stuff to do:

All about Xmas at the moment, so markets galore;

  • 17 Dec at Blackheath conservatoire,
  • Clapham Common winterville,
  • Southbank snowdome
  • 3 Dec Greenwich peninsula

Just also had a go at the Gun Room @MacandWild, a quirky idea for a team event in the middle of Central London. We particularly liked the moose as it pranced onto the screen, and then paused before gracefully falling down dead. Food was ok too.