Food and drink

Places to try…, read in the resident, sounds like a great ethos and now fairly local. One to give a try, another resident note. This time on Tooley Street, an old stomping ground, maybe worth a look, if I can drag myself away from our usual Thai and try some mexican for a change

Places we like (enough to want to go back to)

Sparrow – in Lewisham, recommended by many. We’ve tried for brunch, the appam was good and something a little different, and it was good enough to want to go back for dinner…

The Palmerston in Lordship Lane; the biggest Yorkshire puddings I think I’ve ever seen and a slightly different take but still a traditional English pub.

Greenwich Market Challenge

Having set my husband a challenge of 40 things to do when he was 40 during 2015/2016, we found that having the ability to revert to a list to decide what to do when feeling unspired after a long week at work was a great way to do more. So in 2017, we set another list, one of the entries is to eat at all the restaurants around Greenwich’s market square. The criteria is any place around the market, rather than in it, though we’re doing a lot of that too, that serves food that has tables so we can sit and eat in rather than take out.

So far we’ve managed sticks and sushi, Buenos Aires, bills, saigon, mogul, Peter de wit, Phillies, Peyton and Byrne, and our latest buffalo’s.  Starting a bit late in the process I thought I should write a review for future reference before I get really confused.